Is the game free?

There is an extensive amount of content available for players to try out in our free version of the game. This includes over half a million words, sex scene CGs, several cinematic CGs, and many hours of gameplay. You can find the public build here.

How often is Seeds of Chaos updated?

Seeds of Chaos is updated bi-monthly for patrons $5 and above, and quarterly for Steam Early Access owners. We no longer update the free version of the game.

What is coming in future updates?

New narrative quests, new events, new sex scenes, more jobs events for Alexia, and more relationship content for the various NPCs in the castle.

How big will the game be?

We plan to release the game episodically across three acts. The first act of the game will cover a little over a year of in-game time. Subsequent acts will cover similar amounts of in-game time.

I don’t like sexual content x, do I have to see it?

No, all sexual content in the game is optional and clearly signposted, meaning that it is easy to avoid if you do not want to see it.

What about netorare / cuckoldry?

Since netorare content causes such a strong reaction, you will be prompted with the option to disable it entirely, and even if not filtered out, it can still be avoided by making in game choices. If netorare is turned off or avoided, it does not happen at all, either on or off screen.

I can’t figure out how to see a certain sex scene, is there a guide?

You can find a guide on how to trigger every sex scene here.

I’ve seen art for something not on that list, why isn’t it in the game?

One of our sex scene artists has done fan commissions in the past. These scenes do not appear in the game because they were not made for the game and do not account for the game’s story and characters.

What am I supposed to do next?

You can get hints in the throne room.