Poll #21 – CG Poll Result

The backer poll for the next scenes to receive art on the patreon is over and all the votes have been counted, and the winners for this month are…

Andras x Alexia 4, Rowan x Helayna 2, and Rowan x Female Orc!

These will be added to the commission queue for next month, and hopefully will be ready in time for the December release.

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News From The Six Realms #17 – Update, New Writer, Next Side Project Reveal, and More

News From The Six Realms #17 – Update, New Writer, Next Side Project Reveal, and More

Hello all,

Quite a few things going on at the moment, so I thought it might be a good time to do one of these. Progress on the next update is coming along nicely, and the current plan is for the next release to be out by Christmas Eve at the latest. It will include, as usual; a turn bump, more ruler events and sex scenes, a new job for Alexia, and more work on the orciad story line. Also a few surprises, which leads me into my next announcement…

I’ve found a second writer to work on the game, and even though we haven’t technically reached the goal yet, I’ve set him to work on the next update. It is my good friend Yron (of The Eternal Feast fame), and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. He has very different interests than DM, which’ll make for a nice contrast in content. I know you guys have been asking for dominant Rowan content, and that is more his sort of thing, so look forward to that in the near future. For the time being though, expect larger content updates.

Moving on, it has been a slower month than I anticipated (might be the first one in a year where the Patreon didn’t really go up), so unless things pick up dramatically, we won’t reach 5k. I have decided to reveal the next character from the side project this month anyway (since I have a load of cool animation / location / enemy art that Erick has been working on in his spare time piling up), so you’ll be meeting her in the next couple of days. She’s a very different “type” from Jess, so if Jess doesn’t do it for you, she might. 😉

Two last things before I go – firstly, there’s an art CG pledge backer level now available if anyone is interested in choosing a CG to be commissioned every month, and secondly, the current CG poll is ongoing over on the Patreon, so if you have voting rights, you might want to get on that. The current leaders in the poll are the new Andras/Alexia scene, the new orc camp woman scene, and the second Rowan and Helayna scene.

Until next time.

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Poll #21 – Alexia Job Poll #2 Result

The latest poll over on the Patreon was to decide the next job to be added for Alexia, either working in the forge, or the breeding pits. The results seemed pretty close this time, but when the double votes were added, we had a clear winner, and that was….


Breeding pits! I’ll be commissioning the job CG this month, and we’ll be adding the first events for Alexia’s new job in the next release.

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Jessika – Lewd Animations

As mentioned the other day, here are the first lewd animations for the side project.

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Introducing the Side Project, and its First Character – Jessika

Introducing the Side Project, and its First Character – Jessika

For the past few months we’ve been working on another game with our background artist, Erick, smaller in scope than SoC, that gives me a rest when I feel like working on something else. While I want to save most of the information for the “reveal” when we reach the Patreon goal to hire Erick full time (at which point, production will begin), here is what I can share:

  • It is a fantasy game, but different in tone from SoC. Instead of low fantasy with dark elements, it is comedic in the vein of Slayers or Disgaea.
  • It has a number of female MCs, instead of a male one.
  • It is being made in Unity, so instead of an adapted VN style game, it will focus on combat and dungeon crawling.
  • While it will probably have GoR elements, most sex will take place during combat.
  • Instead of CGs, it will focus on HD sprite animations, made using drawn sprites rigged in spine.
  • Erick will be doing the sprites, animations, environments – everything.
  • The systems design, core mechanics and technical aspects are being developed by someone with AAA experience.
  • Since the script is much, much smaller, if the money is there, it’ll be fully voiced, if not, partially.

The first character revealed for the game is Jessika. You can see a few sneak preview animations of her in game sprite below. 🙂

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News From The Six Realms #16 – Post-Release, New Site, Side-Project, and the Trainer

Hello all,

Thought it would be a good idea to do another one of these, now that the release is out, and everyone seems to be pleased with it. Once again it went off mostly without a hitch, and there was only a few minor bugs to squash. We are aiming to get the next one out in December, just in time for Christmas.

as you can see, the website has gotten a new coat of paint. I had to make some changes in order to accommodate the new Patreon API, due to some issues with WordPress, but I got it working in the end. What that means is when Patreon’s WordPress plugin is back online, I’ll be able to make patron posts on here as well. This allows another layer of insulation, should Patreon crack down on content, as I’ll be able to post all content and releases from my own website, and therefore will be sharing no adult content at all on Patreon.

A quick word about the side project – The last of the reveals for Jess are almost done now, and I’ll be posting those behind the paywall on Patreon (due to them being adult content), but also publicly here as well. Funding has dropped a little due to declines, but most of those should process leaving us quite close to the next side project goal. Hopefully later in the month, I’ll be able to introduce you all to the second member of your party. 🙂

Lastly, I get a lot of people still asking about the trainer, and it is still something I’m interested in, so I have brought T51B on board to spend some time on the design, hopefully to implement it a later date. I don’t want to say a lot since it is very early, but the plan is for you to play another character (who is a pure villain) in another part of the Six Realms, who trains men/women to expand his power base in the local area. We’re aiming to make it text heavy so it can be made without too much money, with the option to add lots of art if there is enough interest. So, if those games are your sort of thing, there’ll be more on this coming in the future.

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A New Website and a New Public Release


So, the site has had a little bit of an overhaul. This wasn’t so much planned as a necessary action after my attempts to install the Patreon API on wordpress broke everything. It is a little simple at the moment, but I might jazz it up in a few weeks. The good news is with Patreon integration now working, I can cross post Patreon posts here.

In news that I’m sure most of you are more interested in, the latest public release is now up over on the Download page (version 0.2.20), so go ahead and grab that. The changelog is below. As always, if you like what you see, please support the Patreon (using the snazzy new button the right), where the latest backer release is now available.


Release Notes
– Event system has been overhauled to allow for more complex control of event selection
– Job system added
– First two jobs, Librarian and Maid, available for Alexia from week 22 with a number of events
– New ruler events
– New sex scenes
– Orciad can now be started, visit the orc camp in the north-west corner of the map
– New sprites, backgrounds and CGs
– Gallery updated with all recent CGs
– Map GUI has undergone some visual improvement
– Turn count upped to 32 weeks

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