Version 0.2.35

Version 0.2.35

We’ve just released version 0.2.36 to our backers, where the main focus for the month was adding the final path to the Orciad narrative – rescuing the captive Lady Eleanor Delane. In addition to the Orciad content, we also continued working on our Fey narrative, which sees Rowan having to choose between two opposing factions; the shadowy Midnight Court, and the bestial Red Sun Alliance.

As a result, the previous backer release is now available to the public, with the following routes finished for the Orciad:

– Supporting Ulcro by convincing Lady Delane to be his concubine
– Supporting Batri by corrupting Lady Delane to be his slut
– Supporting Tarish by providing her with Lady Delane, and the tools to outsmart Batri and Ulcro


This month we have five new CGs for you, four by momdadno, and one by Sommelier, covering a variety of different fetishes.

Included are:

– Andras x Alexia (NTR)
– Rowan x Sheera (Anal)
– Rowan x Alexia (Vanilla)
– Rowan x Cla-Min (Titjob)
– Dazzanath x Rowan (Gay)


As the main focus is the Orciad, the majority of event content this month focuses on events that occur in the camp. These include more interactions with Lady Delane, the climactic battle between Ulcro and Batri, and post-battle celebration scenes for all three potential leaders.

Also included are five new sex scenes, all related to the different paths you can take in the event.

These include:

– Ulcro x Delane
– Batri x Delane
– Kraug & Snag x Delane
– Rowan x Tarish
– Andras & Batri x Rowan

We also have new relationship ruler events, two featuring Cliohna, and one for Liurial.

Version 0.2.35 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux here, and for Mac here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon.        


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Version 0.2.34

Version 0.2.34

We just released version 0.2.35 to our backers, which focuses on our first recruitment narrative, the Orciad. In this ongoing event, the player must recruit a large tribe of orcs by deciding which potential ruler to support; the current aging chief Ulcro, the young violent upstart Batri, or the conniving and underhanded female Tarish.

We have completed three routes, each with their own outcomes and sex scenes, and that release will be available to the public at the end of the month when the new backer release is ready. For now, as usual, we are making the previous release, 0.2.34, public.


We have six unique CG’s added this month, featuring a ton of characters.

Included are:

- Rowan indulging in some of the village girls

- Rowan going to town on a rough orc woman

- Jezera doing the naughty with Shaya

- Jezera with a slave girl together with Helayna

- Cliohna servicing Rowan

- And one of my personal favourites: Alexia with the tentacle monster Wulump!

On the more practical side of things we have a new sprite for Jak, who appears in tavern job events, and three new outfits for Alexia.


This month sees everyone’s favorite dark Dwarf Skordred getting some love. There are 3 new ruler events that include Skordred, of which one has a sexual option. There is also a repeatable sex scene with the shortstacked Cla-Min, and one new abbey event.

The Orciad has also been expanded. You can now make repeat visits to Lady Delane’s tent, allowing you to get to know her better, and earn her trust. Batri’s route has been updated, allowing you to corrupt Lady Delane, and reclaim her from Ulcro (includes two sex scenes). Lastly Tarish’s route has been updated, allowing you to collect the quest items required, and convince Lady Delane to trust you.

Version 0.2.34 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux here, and for Mac here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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Version 0.2.30

Version 0.2.30

Welcome to the monthly release update for Seeds of Chaos! While we’ve always updated Patrons on the contents of every release, the way we presented this information wasn’t all that exciting. Since we’re proud of the work we put into the game, we figured it made sense to properly showcase what we do each month.

As such we’ll do a monthly in-depth post that touches on everything we’ve added to the game. Keep in mind that these posts will contain spoilers (but nothing too major).

RELEASE 0.2.30

You may remember that I said a few months earlier that I was temporarily suspending public releases while we overhauled the UI, because I didn’t want to release a public version while it was a work in progress. The good news is, the UI overhaul is now complete (and looks pretty great if you ask me), and because it took three months, the new public release has three month’s worth of content.

As of this month, we’ll be returning to our usual schedule, releasing the previous backer release when we release the new backer version, but for now, enjoy this bumper sized one.


Almost every screen in Seeds of Chaos has received visual updates and improvements. Listing the changes would bore anyone to death, so I’ll just spam some images to showcase the new direction.


We have fifteen unique CG’s added this month, featuring a ton of characters.

Included are:

– Four with Rowan and his submissive secretary, the elf, Liurial

– Two that feature Alexia with the wulump, a tentacle beast

– Three CGs of threesome fun featuring Greyhide

– Indarah, the tavern owner, in her first CG

– And more!


Due to the amount of content in this release, it would take too long to list everything, but importantly, the update includes fourteen new sex scenes. We’ve also finished off all the content for the narrative related to Helayna’s escape from the castle – Rowan can now choose to help her escape, and the punishment for Alexia if she is caught now includes four weeks in the dungeons (each with its own sex scene), and the option to have Rowan punish her instead. For those of you who choose to keep Helayna at the castle, we have also added ruler events that deal with the aftermath.

We’ve also added more new ruler events, new events to the Orciad explore pool, allowing you to learn more about the camp, as well as a number of new resource events for villages, mines, and abbeys, including a sex scene featuring a nun, which is sure to be the first, and not the last!

That’s it for today’s update! If you haven’t played Seeds of Chaos for a while, the game now receives monthly updates for backers with at least five CGs and fifteen thousand words of new content, and includes:

Over three hours of linear game play, with more including optional content

– Over two hundred and fifty thousand words of content

– Over seventy Ruler events, over forty map events, and over fifty resource events

– Over sixty sex scenes

– Five choosable jobs for Alexia, each with their own unique events

– Over ninety unique CGs (and over one hundred and sixty including variations)

Version 0.2.30 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux here, and for Mac here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon.


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Public Release – Version 0.2.24

Public Release – Version 0.2.24

New version is now available over on download page. Enjoy. 🙂

Release Notes

– Story advancing “Dream” events
– Two new repeatable sexual interactions with Liurial
– Week one of Alexia’s punishment
– Two other sex scenes
– Introduction to the Fey narrative, introducing two new characters.
– New job for Alexia – Forge
– New sprites, BGs, and CGs

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Public Release – Version 0.2.23

Public Release – Version 0.2.23

The new public release is now available on the download page.

Release Notes
– New ruler events
– New map events (swamp)
– Six new sex scenes
– New job for Alexia – Breeding pits
– Continuation of the Helayna storyline (to trigger it, refuse to help Helayna escape. Storyline revolving around helping her will be added in a later release)
– Introduction of Rowan’s first staff member, Liurial
– New sprites, BGs, and CGs

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Public Release – Version 0.2.22

Public Release – Version 0.2.22

The new public version is now available over on the download page. Merry Christmas / Happy holidays!

Release Notes
- Turn count upped to 36
- New Ruler events
- Four new sex scenes
- More content for the Orciad narrative
- New Job for Alexia - Tavern
- Framework and initial content for journal added
- New BGs, sprites, and CGs

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News From the Six Realms #19 – Fields of Chaos Edition

News From the Six Realms #19 – Fields of Chaos Edition

Hello all,

With last month now firmly behind us, hopefully it is on to better things. The release is well on its way to being finished now, all the writing will be done by the end of the week, and then it is just a case of coding it over the next two weeks to be ready in time for the Christmas weekend.

We're going to be changing a few things in the new year to see if it helps. The first will be an overhaul to the Patreon front page, as it has been the same for nearly two years now, and could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Also, while we are still a ways off the goal, I'm going to be hiring Yron to do a small amount of work in the meantime. He's a fan of Kassandra's, so he will be working on the upcoming fae content, and I've also asked him to focus on finding ways to add dominant content, for those who have been requesting it. There'll be a small amount of his work in the next release, with more to come in the future.

Art wise, Erick is putting the finishing touches to another gorgeous background as you can see above, this time for plains events. Keidi is working on the sprite for the first staff member, a female high elf, which I'm hoping will be ready in time for the release, but if not, will be in the next. MDN is currently working on the first of this month's CGs, which hopefully I'll be able to share with the backers soon.

That's all for today, more to come after we get the release out of the door.

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New Patreon Goal – Monthly Releases

So I've been talking with our new writer, Yron, about what is possible when he comes aboard, and I've decided that with the extra help it will be possible to do monthly releases.

Content wise, each release will include:
- 25k plus words
- four or more new sex scenes
- 5-7 CGs

I'm hoping we'll reach the $5000 patreon goal next month, and if we do, I can hire Yron and get going. We'll need a little bit of time to set things up so they run smoothly, but assuming we do reach it next month, monthly releases will start in February. I'm looking forward to this, as it'll mean that I will be able to put out new content quicker, but also help out on the funding front as well.

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Side Project Reveal – Melaina

Side Project Reveal – Melaina

Introducing the party's resident stuck up sorceress, Melaina. Fun fact - Mel's initial design was done by Yron, who felt the party needed a more typically good looking character, for people who like that sort of thing. 🙂


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