The new public release is available over on the play page, see below for what has been added.

Release Notes
– Turn count upped to 22
– The second goal (capture Raeve Keep by week 22) can now be completed (or failed)
– First society decision added – influence the twins and shape life at Castle Bloodmeen
– Almost 20 new events, bringing the total ingame count to over 100
– Six new sex scenes
– Courtyard and keep exterior backgrounds have been added to Raeve Keep (interior to follow)
– Knight sprite has been added to Raeve Keep scenes
– Two out of three (plus variants) cgs have been added to the X’zaratl x Rowan x Alexia scene
– Numerous typo / wrong tense / conflicting text mistakes have been fixed
– A number of castle room features have been added to in game menus, with the rest to follow
– Orc morale cost has been greatly reduced