The latest version is now available to download over on the Play page. For those of you who want more, check out the patreon where the current backer version has just been released.

Release Notes

– Patching architecture added, meaning from now on we can patch saves from previous versions, making them a lot more compatible
– Spying mechanic added – building a brothel and hiring spies will allow you to infiltrate targets
– Infiltration events added to villages
– Infiltration route added to Raeve Keep
– Ruined Arthdale location hex, and start of rebuilding quest added
– New map resource, Drider’s Nest, has been added, which will allow you to recruit driders if you have built breeding pits
– Drider’s Nest events, and breeding related Castle events added
– New character, Shaya, added
– 4 new sex scenes added
– 4 new CGs (with variations) added
РColour adjustment on some of the CGs by my good friend Yron (of The Eternal Feast  fame) so Rowan looks a bit less tanned
– Backgrounds for Jezera’s room and Cla-Min’s caravan added
– More missing castle menu features added