The new release is now live, you can grab it over on the Play page. Enjoy. 🙂

Release notes

– Turn count upped to 15
– Castle overhaul has begun, new rooms added
– 6 castle events added, 2 of which are sex scenes (including the game’s first futa scene)
– 10 exploration events added
– 2 capturable mines and villages added to the map
– 16 resource events added
– Cliohna now provides reports on completion of research
– Alexia has a new outfit more suited to wearing outside of the bedroom
– Remaining art for Andras x Alexia scene has been added
– Andras x Alexia scene added to the replay gallery
– Castle Hallway background added
– Week start autosave feature added (slot 12)
– Saving is now available at all times (will be disabled later in development)
– Rowan’s room now has a “Skip week” option to enable easier cycling for ruler events (will be disabled later in development)
– Cliohna now prompts player to choose a new research topic when the previously chosen one is complete
– Map now uses variant art tiles at random for plains / forest / hills / swamp to make the map look less homogeneous