Hello all,

It has been a while. I have been mostly posting updates over on the Patreon (need to get better at posting stuff here, too), and there’s been a number of big changes going on with the game. I’m going to talk about them a little, but before we get to that, the current new version, 0.2.02, is now up on the “Play” page for those who want to grab it.

First of all, in order to try and bump up the game length, I’ve hired an additional team member in The Dark Master. For this release he designed and did most of the coding for the new map system, and helped improve the design on castle management (more on those later), as well as doing all the writing in the current release. Going forward he is going to continue helping me out a bit every now and then on game design, but his main focus will be on writing, ensuring that no matter what I have to work on in other areas of the game, there’ll always be someone generating content. His Patreon is over here, if you enjoy what he’s done in the release and want to show your appreciation.

As mentioned earlier, there is now a new map system for players to explore, that will, eventually, expand to cover the entirety of the Six Realms in future releases. Over time we’ll be adding more events, and locations for you to run into as you explore the world. The castle management system has also been completely overhauled to improve the current system. While keeping management light, we’ve added a bunch of new features, and these’ll be introduced over the next few releases. The building and research options will be available in the next version, with champions, spies, breeding, summoning, jobs, and more to come.