It’s that time of the month again. :)🙂

The new version is up over on the Play tab.

Release Notes

– Week count upped to 18
– Over 20 new events
– 5 new sex scenes
– 3 new resource types
– Raeve Keep has been added to the map (east of portal), and conquering the keep by force has been added
– Introductory scene with Draith now triggers when building the Breeding Pits
– Castle room NPCs now greet the player and have talk functions
– CGs and variants added to the post goal #1 Rowan x Alexia scene, and this scene has been added to the replay gallery
– New armour has been added, and old armour has been rebalanced
– Squashed a bug relating to completing research which currently do not have completion reports
– 100% more yeti hunting

Known Issues

– Missing sprite for knight
– Yeah, I know Rowan’s skin tone is inconsistant, I’ll get momdadno to fix this at a later date, it is not a big issue
– I didn’t drink enough coffee this morning and labeled the version wrong, just ignore the number