F. A. Q.

Q. What kinks are in the game?

A. The game will focus on corruption, demon sex, & monster / monstergirl sex, with smaller amounts of BDSM, slave training, moral degeneration, furries, fembois / traps, nuns, exhibitionism, pregnancy / breeding, lactation, mindbreak, humiliation, prostitution, public use, addiction, transformation, bimboization, piercings / tattoos, squirting, bukkake, netorare / netori, and incest content.

Q. I hate [fetish x], do I have to see it?

A. Nope. All scenes in the game are completely optional and can be skipped and/or avoided.

Q. The guys over at 4chan call your game Seeds of Cucking, I hate NTR, do I have to see that?

A. Nope, there’s a handy filter that will disable all NTR content, leaving who your wife fucks (or doesn’t fuck) completely up to you.

Q. Does it still happen though, unseen?

A. Nope. If the filter has disabled NTR, those scenes do not happen, seen or unseen. Your waifu is safe from giant demon cock.

Q. Do I have to play as a dude?

A. Yes. There are plans for another scenario that allows you to play as a female character, but that won’t be until later in development.

Q. Why do some sex scenes have a black screen / no CGs?

A. Art is very expensive and the patreon does not make a lot of money, therefore most scenes do not have CGs yet. More will be added as funds allow.

Q. Is there a walkthrough for how to find all the scenes?

A. Yes, you can find it here.

Q. I am more interested in the slave trainer game, why is it so bare bones?

A. The trainer was created as an exercise in building the framework to make a real slave trainer game at a later point. I would like to make a complex management game with unique character paths and multiple endings, and of course, a lot of art, which requires money. As a result, the trainer game is on hold until either the patreon does a lot better, or the main game is completed.