1. How often is Seeds of Chaos Updated?

Seeds of Chaos is now updated monthly, with at least six new CGs.

2. What is coming in future updates?

New narrative quests, new realms, new events, new sex scenes, and new jobs for Alexia and other recruitable core NPCs to add to the ones already in the game. There’ll also be a nemesis system, that sees the player face off against adversaries who want to disrupt their progress, as well as the ability to capture realms.

3. How big will the game be?

When complete the game will last five (in game) years, with the player able to visit all six realms and each of their respective capitals.

4. I don’t like sexual content x, do I have to see it?

No, all sexual content in the game is optional, and clearly signposted, meaning that it is easy to avoid if you do not want to see it.

5. What about netorare?

Since netorare content causes such a strong reaction, you will be prompted with the option to disable it entirely, and even if not filtered out, it can still be avoided by making in game choices. If netorare is turned off or avoided, it does not happen at all, either on or off screen.

6. I can’t figure out how to see a certain sex scene, is there a guide?

You can find a guide on how to trigger every sex scene here.

7. What is going on with the slavetrainer mode?

The version in the game is a very basic mode that was added to code and test the initial framework. It will be expanded into a proper game at some point in the future.