News From the Six Realms #19 – Fields of Chaos Edition

Hello all,

With last month now firmly behind us, hopefully it is on to better things. The release is well on its way to being finished now, all the writing will be done by the end of the week, and then it is just a case of coding it over the next two weeks to be ready in time for the Christmas weekend.

We’re going to be changing a few things in the new year to see if it helps. The first will be an overhaul to the Patreon front page, as it has been the same for nearly two years now, and could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Also, while we are still a ways off the goal, I’m going to be hiring Yron to do a small amount of work in the meantime. He’s a fan of Kassandra’s, so he will be working on the upcoming fae content, and I’ve also asked him to focus on finding ways to add dominant content, for those who have been requesting it. There’ll be a small amount of his work in the next release, with more to come in the future.

Art wise, Erick is putting the finishing touches to another gorgeous background as you can see above, this time for plains events. Keidi is working on the sprite for the first staff member, a female high elf, which I’m hoping will be ready in time for the release, but if not, will be in the next. MDN is currently working on the first of this month’s CGs, which hopefully I’ll be able to share with the backers soon.

That’s all for today, more to come after we get the release out of the door.

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