Introducing the Side Project, and its First Character – Jessika

For the past few months we’ve been working on another game with our background artist, Erick, smaller in scope than SoC, that gives me a rest when I feel like working on something else. While I want to save most of the information for the “reveal” when we reach the Patreon goal to hire Erick full time (at which point, production will begin), here is what I can share:

  • It is a fantasy game, but different in tone from SoC. Instead of low fantasy with dark elements, it is comedic in the vein of Slayers or Disgaea.
  • It has a number of female MCs, instead of a male one.
  • It is being made in Unity, so instead of an adapted VN style game, it will focus on combat and dungeon crawling.
  • While it will probably have GoR elements, most sex will take place during combat.
  • Instead of CGs, it will focus on HD sprite animations, made using drawn sprites rigged in spine.
  • Erick will be doing the sprites, animations, environments – everything.
  • The systems design, core mechanics and technical aspects are being developed by someone with AAA experience.
  • Since the script is much, much smaller, if the money is there, it’ll be fully voiced, if not, partially.

The first character revealed for the game is Jessika. You can see a few sneak preview animations of her in game sprite below. 🙂

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