A New Website and a New Public Release


So, the site has had a little bit of an overhaul. This wasn’t so much planned as a necessary action after my attempts to install the Patreon API on wordpress broke everything. It is a little simple at the moment, but I might jazz it up in a few weeks. The good news is with Patreon integration now working, I can cross post Patreon posts here.

In news that I’m sure most of you are more interested in, the latest public release is now up over on the Download page (version 0.2.20), so go ahead and grab that. The changelog is below. As always, if you like what you see, please support the Patreon (using the snazzy new button the right), where the latest backer release is now available.


Release Notes
– Event system has been overhauled to allow for more complex control of event selection
– Job system added
– First two jobs, Librarian and Maid, available for Alexia from week 22 with a number of events
– New ruler events
– New sex scenes
– Orciad can now be started, visit the orc camp in the north-west corner of the map
– New sprites, backgrounds and CGs
– Gallery updated with all recent CGs
– Map GUI has undergone some visual improvement
– Turn count upped to 32 weeks

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